If you can pinch it, we can pierce it.

We’ve got the tools and knowledge to give you the most comfortable piercing experience around. Our team is committed to giving you the best experience possible, as providing the highest quality of service means the world to us. Mellow Madness Tattoo Parlor works tirelessly to ensure that anyone who chooses our shop, leaves with something they truly love.

Piercing We Provide

Please call the shop to inquire about piercing prices


  • Lobes: Single and Double

  • Industrial

  • Tragus

  • Conch

  • Helix

  • Rook

  • Daith

  • Snug


  • Lip: Single and Double

  • Nose

  • Septum

  • Eyebrow


  • Navel

  • Nipples: Single and double

  • Tongue

  • Surface

  • Dermal: Single and Double


A New Standard for Piercers

We do sell jewelry at the shop but we do not showcase a large variety. Most of the jewelry we sell is the basic standard jewelry for piercing and is made of either titanium or surgical stainless steel.
Prices range from $X- $Y depending on the individual piece of jewelry you are looking to buy.

piercer master's hand in a medical black

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