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Reopening During The Pandemic: New Guidelines and Protocol

Clients and friends, 

As of December 17th we will be reopening again at a 25% capacity and you must have an appointment to enter our shop. To schedule an appointment you can use the booking tab, email us at mmtp585@gmail.com, or call (585) 325-2010 and leave a clear message with your name, phone number and what you would like an appointment for. If you are sending an email please include your name and phone number as well, along with ideas/reference images for the desired tattoo, and the name of the artist you are interested in (if there is a specific one). 

All of our staff are scheduling with rotating shifts because of the current capacity rule, which does limit the amount of clients they can take during the week. Due to high demand our artists are booking weeks to months out at this point. 

After our first reopening in June our shop was flooded with so many messages it was impossible to keep up with them, while taking care of our current appointments and artwork so please be patient with us during this time of rescheduling appointments and only working at limited capacity. 

In order to comply with state laws and recommendations the following changes are temporarily being made: 

  • All of our staff are mandated to take a weekly Covid-19 test.

  • ALL customers will be required to wear a mask or adequate face covering in order to enter the shop. One will not be provided for you.

  • We will not be taking any walk-ins for tattoos or piercings, we are working by appointment only. You may call the shop to inquire about an appointment or email the shop at mmtp585@gmail.com.

  • Please provide name, phone number and as much information as possible for the desired tattoo or piercing.

  • Only the person getting tattooed is allowed in the shop. No guest are allowed except for parents signing for minors. If you have someone with you they will need to wait in your car until the tattoo is finished. If the appointment is for multiple people, we can arrange a larger area or several artists to assist you. 

  • If you have been sick or have had contact with someone who has been sick in the last two weeks the appointment will need to be rescheduled for a minimum of 14 days later. 

  • Customers will be required to wash hands upon entering the shop and after visiting the restroom or smoking.



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