Artist Prints

All artwork is available for purchase at our tattoo parlor

Prints by Chuck "Delux"

MMTP Girl T-Shirt

Prints & Stickers by Darbi "Marbles"

Marbles Madness pack is an art print and sticker pack features character designs and art by myself, "Marbles".

-The Marbles Madness Mini pack comes with 5 individual 2 inch tall stickers ($8.00)

-The basic Marbles Madness Pack comes with 3 signed art prints and 5 individual 2 inch tall stickers ($15.00)

-The Marbles Madness Extended pack features everything from the Marbles Madness pack and an additional 3 larger stickers (4inch) ($20.00)

Tattoo Machine T-Shirt

Prints by Victor "Range"

We have jewelry in a variety of different styles and sizes, all at affordable prices!  

Also check out our tattoo aftercare products such as Aquaphor, Hustle Butter and H2Ocean.

Looking for that perfect gift that will last a lifetime?


Gift Certificates can be purchased at our shop, in any amount, and used at anytime with any of our talented artists.

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