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Darbi "Marbles" Conradt

Tattoo Artist

My name is Darbi Conradt though I often go by Marbles. For as long as I can remember I have always loved creating art and exploring new mediums to work in. Constantly drawing designs for myself along with my friends and family, I often find myself forever trying to grow as an artist. It is this drive to improve that has shaped my life and career from a young age.
In 2012 at the beginning of my senior year of High School I took on an apprenticeship at the local tattoo parlor known as Extreme Graphix and started my path to becoming a tattoo artist. After 5 years there I left to learn more from other artists at Mellow Madness tattoo where I am currently employed. It is here that I have been developing my style, rooting it in all things bright, colorful and cartoony

Darbi "Marbles" Conradt: About
Watercolor Pen Sketch_ Venom Meets Jack
Watercolor Pen Sketch_ Pokemon Starter T
Watercolor Pen Sketch_ Pikachu.jpg
Watercolor Pen Sketch_ Gengar.jpg
Watercolor Pen Sketch_ Headwig.jpg
Watercolor Pen Sketch_ Freya of Final Fa
Watercolor Pen Sketch Stitch.jpg
Watercolor Pen Sketch Silhouette.jpg
Watercolor Pen Sketch Stitch-2.jpg
Watercolor Pen Sketch Rhino Beatle.jpg
Watercolor Pen Sketch Lotus.jpg
Watercolor Pen Sketch Hearts.jpg
Watercolor Mountains.jpg
Watercolor Butterfly.jpg
Tattoo Machine.jpg
Toga of My Hero Academia.jpg
Spiderman_ Miles Morales.jpg
Spongebob Pineapple.jpg
Spider Gwen.jpg
Sailor Want.jpg
Sanrio My Melody.jpg
Sailor Moon Crystal Heart.jpg
Rochester Flower.jpg
Pokemon Ninetatails.jpg
Pokemon Friday the 13th.jpg
Pokemon Alolan Ninetails.jpg
No Face.jpg
Joker_ Killing Joke.jpg
Lotus and Mandala.jpg
Krabby Patty.jpg
Hedgehog Caricature.jpg
Iridescent_ Umbreon.jpg
Galaxy 2.jpg
Galaxy Sailor Moon.jpg
Galaxy Lighthouse.jpg
Galaxy Pizza.jpg
Fin Sword Wrap.jpg
Galaxy 1.jpg
Floral Coverup.jpg
Futaba of Persona.jpg
Field of Poppies.jpg
Birds and Flowers.jpg
Dragon Ball Z.jpg
Colored Pen Sketch_ Kurama of You You Ha
Chibi Sailor Moon.jpg
Cat Caricatures.jpg
Bob Ross Landscape.jpg
Butterfly Splash Art.jpg
Bulbasour Evolutions.jpg
Baby Princess Peach.jpg
Blue Lily
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